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Welcome to the world of $BOT Coin. It is a community project for all members of the voice AI and chatbot communities. $BOT Coin is a cryptocurrency that was launched in conjunction with a core group of industry pros and community leaders such as Pete Erickson of Voice Summit / Modev, Jan König of Jovo, Katherine Prescott from VoiceBrew, Michal Stanislawek from #VoiceLunch, Amy Stapleton of Chatables, Dave Young from AnnouncerBot and many more. But, it’s a bit different from other cryptocurrencies you may be familiar with.

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A New Tool for the Industry and for Conversational Experiences

The goal for $BOT Coin is to facilitate rewards, recognition, conversational experience mechanics, commerce, and monetization. We believe by working together and using $BOT Coin as an affinity tool, we can build the voice AI community faster than if we simply rely on ourselves alone or place our hopes in the big tech platforms to make it all happen. This is about taking our fate into our own hands.

Easy to Use and No In-Network Transaction Fees

$BOT Coin is created on the Rally sidechain which is built upon Ethereum if you are interested in those types of details. What is means is that $BOT Coin and Rally tokens can be converted back into Ethereum or stable coins to get it back into standard fiat currency if you like. You can acquire it that way or take an even simpler route: just use a credit card. Best of all, once you have $BOT Coin you can exchange it for Rally or send it to others without any fees.

Getting Started

Those are a few of the gritty details. However, the reason we did this in collaboration with Rally is that the entire process is really quite simple. Rally’s SaaS platform manages the entire process. All you need to do is create a Rally account at Rally.io. Once you have verified your email address you can buy your first $BOT Coin.

Here is a great medium article from Emiel Langeberg that walks through the onboarding process which takes no more than two minutes (a far different experience than setting up crypto wallets and waiting for KYC, etc). Click here.

Learn More

You can read the latest about $BOT Coin news by clicking the stories below. We suggest you start with this one.

Introducing BOT Coin, a new tool for the voice and chatbot communities

If you’d like to start up-to-date on the latest $BOT Coin news, click the button below to sign up for notifications. If you have any questions, please just DM the official $BOT Coin Twitter account @BOTcoinAI or @bretkinsella. We are really excited about all the activities so far. It’s looking like a really fun and promising community project where everyone can benefit.

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