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Roblox Augments Chat WIth Real-Time AI Translation Across 16 Languages

Roblox has enhanced its in-game chat feature with real-time translations across 16 different languages by leveraging AI. Users are now able to seamlessly communicate with others who speak a different language through automatic translations that appear in almost as soon as they are submitted.

Roblox Translation

The popular online gaming platform developed a custom natural language processing model to power the translations. The system can translate between any combination of the supported languages with approximately 100-millisecond latency, creating near-instantaneous conversations. Previously, Roblox used AI to translate static game content but not real-time interactions.

The company said scaling live translations for millions of simultaneous player chats globally required an extremely fast and accurate AI system. Their unified translation model is uniquely tailored to handle Roblox’s community slang and abbreviations. It was trained on open-source data plus Roblox’s own chat logs and human translations. Back translation and iterative training further improved quality, especially for less common language pairs.

“Most off-the-shelf translation quality metrics compare the AI translation result to some ground truth or reference translation and focus primarily on the understandability of the translation. We wanted to assess the quality of the translation — without a ground truth translation,” Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman explained in a blog post. “We plan to continue to update our models with the latest translation examples from within our experiences as well as popular chat phrases and the latest slang phrases in every language we support. In addition, this architecture will make it possible to train the model on new languages with relatively low effort, as sufficient training data becomes available for those languages. Further out, we’re exploring ways to automatically translate everything in multiple dimensions: text on images, textures, 3D models, etc. And we are already exploring exciting new frontiers, including automatic voice chat translations.”

Generative AI Future

The translation continues Roblox’s integration of AI into its services, especially features employing large language models like the Roblox Assistant, a generative AI conversational chatbot tailored to Roblox’s workflows, lingo, and data. Roblox designed Assistant for fluid, collaborative creation via back-and-forth dialogue, something that extra languages will definitely enhance. The same goes for how Roblox Assistant supports creators learning to navigate the platform and code with the help of its text-to-object creation tools.

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