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Google Showcases New Generative AI Education Tools

Google unveiled dozens of new educational technology features this week at the Bett edtech exhibition, including several AI-fueled tools to assist teachers with their work. The tech giant’s presentations also highlighted how its existing generative AI products can be tailored to educational settings and lesson preparation.

Gemini Education

One of Google’s central pitches for educators is the value of Duet AI, a generative AI assistant powered by Google’s Gemini large language model (LLM). Duet provides natural language assistance to automate tasks, generate content, answer questions, and recommend actions. For teachers, that means a way to design and enhance lesson plans with visuals and project plans within Google Workspace apps like Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Meanwhile, the new Resources tab for Google Classroom helps gather and organize those new ideas, with the option to share links to class templates and Classwork pages coming soon. The Classroom platform is also adding actionable insights based on analyses of classroom data, such as assignment completion, grade trends, and student-level insights.

Generative AI will also aid teachers in personalizing learning. The new interactive video activities in Classroom lets educators add questions to YouTube videos, with students receiving real-time feedback. But that feature will soon include questions suggested by an AI model to facilitate quicker creation of interactive video content. The same AI model will also create practice sets, which educators can then distribute as interactive lessons. The AI will even provide students with real-time feedback. These sets are available in more than 50 languages, with fully localized resources in several languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese.

“All of these new features were designed to help both teachers and students save time, get the support they need and adapt to today’s learning environments,” Google for Education vice president of product management Shantanu Sinha explained in a blog post. “When it comes to AI specifically, we’ve been listening to and working with millions of educators to understand how to best bring this technology into the classroom.”


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