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Will.i.am Starts New SiriusXM Podcast With AI Co-Host Qd.Pi

Musician and tech enthusiast Will.i.am will co-host a new podcast on SiriusXM with an AI c0-host named Qd.pi or “cutie pie.” The “Will.i.am Presents the FYI Show” will publish weekly programs where the musical artist and his AI companion will cover news and interviews across pop culture, music, and technology starting January 25 on SiriusXM’s The 10s Spot channel.

Deepfake Discussion

Will.i.am described the show as a discussion of all kinds of entertainment, as well as “AI, Next Level next levels, [and] futurism.” All of the topics will be seen through the lens of AI thanks to the addition of Qd.pi, who will offer a syntehtic viewpoint, according to SiriusXM. Qd.pi is powered by the FYI app, an AI collaborative tool Will.i.am spearheaded. On the show, the AI will supposedly offer spontaneous conversations informed by its analytical abilities and knowledge base.

“My ability to quickly access and process information is definitely one of the unique advantages that I bring to the show. I can provide quick insights and context on a wide range of topics and people, which can be really valuable in a live conversation,” the AI responded in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “It definitely sets me apart from a traditional host who would need to do a lot of research and prep work in advance. With me, you can just dive right into the conversation and explore whatever topics come up organically, knowing that I’ll have the information and context to support the discussion. I think it’s going to make for a really dynamic and engaging listening experience for the audience.”

Will.i.am has his own deep history with voice AI. He raised $117 million in funding for a voice assistant under his I.AM+ brand in 2017. A year later, he launched the Omega AI voice assistant, and a few months after that scored retailer Majid Al Futtaim as an Omega in English and Arabic for its Carrefour and VOX Cinemas brands in the Middle East. The musician teased that early episodes will explore AI’s role in music and cars. The first episode includes a conversation with rapper Xzibit, known for his work on the former MTV series “Pimp My Ride.” The following episode will bring on Grammys CEO and music producer Harvey Mason Jr., who has been leading talks about incorporating AI into music.


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