Intuition ElliQ 3

Intuition Robotics Releases ElliQ 3 Robot With Upgraded Hardware Augmented by Generative AI

Intuition Robotics has debuted a new version of its ElliQ robot companion for older adults infused with generative AI features. The new ElliQ 3 enhances the hardware within the robot and embeds a large language model (LLM), making ElliQ 3 better at mimicking human conversation across any topic.


Intuition Robotics created ElliQ with the goal of making a virtual companion and assistant for seniors. ElliQ’s voice assistant could already initiate conversations and learn the preferences and interests of users, remembering and referencing previous discussions to build a relationship. The earlier versions can remind users about medication, connect them to their family and friends, and even suggest personalized activities and meals, with ElliQ owners averaging 20 daily interactions with the AI.

ElliQ 3 ups those capabilities with a new octa-core processor and MediaTek dual-core AI chip, enabling these generative AI enhancements while reducing power consumption. The updated design makes ElliQ easier for seniors to handle and allows the company to scale up manufacturing. Intuiton accelerated the upgrade plans with a $25 million funding round this summer. The LLM integration marks the biggest change to the robot, making it better at discussing a broader variety of topics like a human being. The generative AI model also enhances Intuition’s unique Relationship Orchestration Engine, which guides ElliQ 3’s real-time decisions about using scripted responses, actions, or open-ended chat.

“It’s astounding to see that the first people to live with and build long-term relationships with an AI are individuals in their 80’s and 90’s,” Intuition Robotics CEO Dor Skuler explained. “Through this relationship, ElliQ is proving to be highly effective in reducing older adults’ sense of loneliness, improving health and independence, and increasing social connectedness. The launch of ElliQ 3 allows us to reach more older adults and expand partnerships with government services for the aging and the healthcare ecosystem while offering valuable insights and context.”

As before, information from conversations is remembered in user profiles to keep future interactions contextual and personalized. For example, talking about hobbies may lead ElliQ to suggest related community events to reduce social isolation. Other new features enabled by generative AI include painting, writing poetry, and synchronized group activities like bingo. The company says this promotes wellness, creativity, and connections between older adults. ElliQ relies on guardrails for the AI to monitor chats and ensure safe and appropriate responses suited to seniors.

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Government programs like Medicaid, as well as healthcare providers, have made ElliQ robots available free to hundreds of thousands of seniors. For instance, the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) has distributed hundreds of ElliQ robots for free. Intuition Robotics says initial deployments have reduced users’ loneliness by 95%, which fits with years of evidence that robotic companions can enhance life for older adults. Project Zilver and Voice for Loneliness have both published studies showing how voice assistants can be comforting companions, along with keeping people connected by phone and video calls.

“Today’s older adults are harnessing the power of AI to transform their lives and embrace new technologies that bring companionship, knowledge, and connection into their daily routines,” AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative vice president and general manager Rick Robinson said. “As we continue to combat the epidemic of loneliness among seniors, solutions like ElliQ play a vital role, offering not just innovation, but also a lifeline to a brighter, more connected future where our aging population can enjoy the full spectrum of opportunities that the digital age has to offer.”


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