Stability AI Membership

Stability AI Launches Commercial Membership Tiers for Generative AI Model Access

Synthetic media startup Stability AI has introduced a new membership program to standardize commercial usage rights for its leading generative AI models. The tiers aim to balance open access with revenue to fund further research and development.

Stability Membership

Stability’s new membership structure includes free, professional, and enterprise options. They are tailored to serve groups of any size, from individual users to large corporations. The idea is to formalize access to Stability AI’s core image, video, and language AI models while sorting the flow of users based on their needs. The base free tier permits personal and research use of all models. A $20 monthly professional tier enables commercial use for individuals and startups. Enterprise pricing is customized for large companies. This isn’t Stability AI’s first model with a price tag. The company already unveiled a subscription setup for those interested in its text-to-audio AI model, Stable Audio, but this would expand that setup significantly.

“The Stability AI Membership underscores our dedication to making generative AI technology open and accessible to all,” Stability AI explained in its announcement. “Our new membership structure redefines how we release and grant commercial rights for AI solutions, striking a balance between fostering competitiveness and maintaining openness in AI technologies. At the same time, it offers exclusive benefits and commercialization opportunities to our partners, enabling them to spark creativity and fuel innovation with multiple modalities, including image, video, and language, powered by Stability AI.”

Members gain benefits like access to new models and Discord communities. Self-hosted deployment options are available to retain user privacy and control. The new structure may also help set up a process for using the models commercially without running afoul of intellectual property rights. The details of membership are still somewhat vague. Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque acknowledged that in a post on X explaining it was because the company is “trying to keep it simple.”

Stability may be keen to build up revenue as it has been over a year since it raised $101 million. The company hasn’t been slack in releasing new products and features, however. The recent list includes an image-to-3D-object model, the Stable Video Diffusion synthetic video engine, and SDXL on ClipDrop, the app Stability AI bought last year, with an API in the works. There’s also cartoon-making Stable Animation SDK, and the DeepFloyd IF image generator, which doesn’t use the Stable Diffusion model. Stability has also pushed into non-visual generative AI, releasing its StableLM large language mode capable of composing text and computer code, as well as the aforementioned Stable Audio.

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