Vixen Acquired

Voice AI Developer Vixen Labs Acquired by Creative Agency House 337

Conversational and voice AI firm Vixen Labs has been acquired by creative agency House 337 for an undisclosed sum. Vixen will bring its voice assistants and conversational AI tools to House 337’s roster of companies.

Vixen Labs House 337

The five-year-old Vixen Labs Vixen counts major brands like Amazon, Verizon, Universal Music Group, and McDonald’s among its clients. The company is known for its annual AI Consumer Index, which revealed that a third of British and U.S. consumers use conversational AI tools on a weekly basis in its 2023 edition. In the last year or so, Vixen has shifted to specializing in building conversational customer engagement tools using both large language models (LLMs) and voice AI tools. The agency designs and operates conversational interfaces across platforms like Alexa and Siri, as well as website chatbots and social apps. Following the deal, Vixen Labs will operate as its own brand within House 337, and still be led by Vixen founders James Poulter and Jen Heape.

“Our journey began with a mission to humanize technology, and over the years, we have built a portfolio of successful projects and exceptional experiences for our clients and their customers,” Poulter wrote in a blog post. “This acquisition opens up new avenues for collaboration, innovation, and growth. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities ahead and are eager to explore these with our clients and partners. Together with House 337, we’re ready to redefine the boundaries of conversational AI and create more meaningful, human-centric experiences.”

The deal will also establish a base in the United Kingdom for House 337. The acquisition is part of House 337’s ongoing strategy to incorporate AI into brand experiences and customer interactions. House 337, formed by the merging of Engine Creative and the ODD Group, works on advertising, branding, and a range of communications projects for its clients. Lately, that’s started to include more AI-fueled experiences, a facet of the company that Vixen will likely be a big part of enhancing and expanding.

“Vixen Labs is a fantastic addition to the House 337 collective and one that deepens our AI offer and expands the horizons of customer experience,” group CEO at House 337 Phil Fearnley explained. “Our clients will win big from this deal as we build and share knowledge of conversational AI and its indispensable role in creating long-term relationships between businesses and customers.”

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