Generative AI Tutoring Startup Kyron Learning Raises $14.6M

AI edtech startup Kyron Learning has raised $14.6 million in a Series A funding round led by GSV Ventures. Kyron’s platform employs AI to create interactive video lessons capable of answering text and voice queries with relevant pre-recorded videos by teachers. The startup is now developing a generative AI assistant that will augment those videos with AI-produced answers that go beyond the initial video answer.

Kyron AI Learning

Founded in 2021, Kyron Learning initially targeted improving grade school math comprehension through video lessons mimicking one-on-one human tutoring sessions. Students respond verbally to curated teacher questions and receive tailored feedback driven partly by AI classification models. While initially built around a basic conversational AI interface, Kyron Learning will soon incorporate generative AI models to enable more dynamic video interactions. The company emphasized that this addition won’t reduce educator oversight and control over generative components with proper safeguards, however. Kyron is also working to scale its platform for subjects beyond its current math focus and to add new content from more educators.

“We’ve learned so much developing our 4th grade math offering, which is now deployed in over 35 schools for the 2023-24 school year. 95% of the teachers using it in their classrooms would recommend it to their fellow teachers. But we’ve always known that the key piece of that solution is the powerful AI-based learning platform underneath it, which could easily be used in other learning domains that we ourselves had no intention of building content for,” Kyron Learning CEO Rajen Sheth explained. “With this announcement, we’re opening the Kyron Learning platform up to other learning solution providers so that they can leverage the same cutting-edge AI technology that we’ve developed for ourselves. We have been working with early customers in the K-12, Higher Ed, Tutoring, and Professional Skilling spaces, and are excited how they are leveraging the Kyron Learning platform to augment their offerings.”

Kyron’s plans fit with the growing presence of generative AI in educational technology companies. For instance, Gizmo, which uses gamification techniques to improve learning through quizzes and flashcards created by generative AI, recently raised $3.5 million, while voice AI-powered reading coach developer Ello, raised $15 million and generative AI education startup Loora recently raised $9.25 million for a voice-based English teacher app that mimics a human tutor in expanding and correcting their linguistic skills. Meanwhile, OpenAI and Duolingo have partnered to produce generative AI features for the language education app.

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