Business Generative AI Startup Kognitos Raises $20M

Enterprise generative AI startup Kognitos has closed a $20 million Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures. Kognitos offers clients AI tools to automate business tasks, specifically enabling users to write business applications in natural language.

Kognitos AI

Kognitos describes its offerings as a ‘deterministic’ interpreter of natural language, aiming to eliminate the risk of hallucinations and biases often associated with AI, while harnessing the full potential of generative AI for business users. The platform empowers business users to automate processes in a language they are already familiar with, significantly reducing the training required to deploy the AI and decreasing costs while speeding up business operations.

Traditional tools have made automating document-heavy or coordination-heavy processes challenging, often leading to failures due to high maintenance costs. Kognitos addresses this issue by using natural language processing automation (NLPA) to enable business users to automate processes in plain human language, essentially turning English into “code.”Kognitos’ tech is employed across several industries, with clients including PepsiCo, Wipro, Century Supply Chain Solutions, and Norco Industries.

“For the last few decades we have been forcing humans to learn the language of the machine through various no-code, low code and RPA platforms. The time has come for the machine to natively understand plain English,” Kognitos Binny Gill explained a statement. “No developer should be needed to translate business requirements into automation because now the business requirements become the automation.”

Kognitos also released its new Exception Center, an advanced exception-handling interface for business users, along with new multi-modal automation functions like voice transcription, image comparison, and data visualization. The newly acquired funds will be utilized to enhance the platform’s ability to understand and execute complex business processes and to expand partnerships and integrations with other business applications, improving interoperability. These efforts are aimed at solidifying Kognitos’ position as a leader in generative AI for business automation and increasing platform adoption.

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