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Grammarly Releases Enterprise Generative AI Tools That Mimic Your Writing Style

Grammarly has opened its enterprise generative AI writing tools for general availability amid rising demand for Grammarly Business from customers. Grammarly said its enterprise AI is driving significant time and cost savings, with customers reporting an average of 19 working days saved per employee annually. This equals estimated savings of over $5,000 per employee. Grammarly has also tied the wide release to new features, including a tool for identifying individual writing styles, creating a profile for the user, and applying it to text.

Grammarly Generative AI

Grammarly’s generative AI provides help with composing and editing a wide range of materials. Text prompts can produce essays and reports, email responses, and provide ideas when starting a project from scratch. It can also rewrite existing text and change the length and tone. There’s even an ‘Improve It’ button that will use surrounding context to just make the writing better overall. Grammarly claims its generative AI already produces more than 12 million pieces of content a week with those tools.

“While other companies jump on the AI hype, we’ve been building AI solutions and delivering real results for our customers for over 14 years,” Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury explained. “Just imagine what four weeks of time saved per employee per year could do for businesses: higher productivity, better results, faster growth—the possibilities are limitless. With extended access and functionality in our generative AI features for businesses everywhere, they can now scale their use of AI to get increased value from Grammarly.”

The updated platform brings out Grammarly’s personalized voice detection feature, which automatically analyzes a user’s writing style to create a voice profile of how the user writes. Generated text can then be rewritten in their tone and style with one click, with the AI continuously adapting outputs to user preferences over time. The update also offers explanations for the changes Grammarly suggests, as well as a prompt history so users can see what they’ve already tried. Other changes include unlimited generative prompts for enterprise customers to scale AI content production and expanded integration of Grammarly’s Knowledge Share feature. Knowledge Share surfaces relevant company documents and contacts in-line where employees work to eliminate searching. The personalized voice features are set to arrive by the end of the year. The other generative AI tools and Knowledge Share are available now.

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