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Ready Player Me Launches Premium Metaverse Avatar Skins Catalog for Developers

Metaverse virtual being creation startup Ready Player Me has introduced a Premium Skins Catalog, enabling developers to sell branded avatar items to users on the platform. Companies can set up a range of items promoting their brands for the three-dimensional digital avatars exploring the metaverse’s virtual worlds to wear, as seen in the image above.

Metaverse Merchendise

Developers can quickly offer branded avatar items for purchase that users can display on any of the of thousands of apps and games linked to Ready Player Me. The idea is to encourage personalization and unlock new revenue streams for the companies involved. Ready Player Me pitches the new storefront as a way to make a level playing field for developers to capitalize on the virtual avatar economy.

“Ready Player Me aims to make it easy for every developer to add avatars to their games, just like big AAA studios can. And, these same game studios, who produce mega-hits like Fortnite and Roblox, earn billions of dollars a year by selling premium branded skins and other assets to their players,” Ready Player Me CEO Timmu Tõke explained. “Now, with the release of the Premium Skins Catalog, every developer has the ability to sell skins featuring some of the biggest brands in the world with just a few clicks.”

The Premium Skins Catalog’s initial lineup includes digital products from some already globally known brands as well as indie developers. Major entertainment groups like Rovio’s Angry Birds games, McLaren Racing, and British television channel ITV’s show The Voice all have digital merchandise for sale on the platform. Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have both signed up as well, working to link their artiststo this new promotional outlet.

“At Warner Music Group, we are committed to enabling our artists and songwriters to connect with their fans wherever they may be, and in the interactive formats they demand,” WMG vice president of new business and ventures Jillian Rothman said in a statement. “Through this partnership with Ready Player Me, we’re empowering thousands of developers to offer fans a way to express their unique identities in digital spaces. The creative possibilities are endless, and we look forward to seeing what they build.”

Ready Player Me is known for providing a suite of tools allowing users to build a virtual representative to travel the metaverse, using AI to sculpt one based on photos, or allowing the user to manually set up the look of the avatar. Users can import their digital self into any of more than 10,000 compatible platforms and games. Ready Player Me has raised a lot of venture capital, $56 million in a round last summer and $13 million at the end of 2021. Brands like Warner Bros., Dior, and Addidas have leveraged Ready Player Me to build a metaverse presence even before the Premium Skin Catalog became available.  Additional partners will be revealed soon as Ready Player Me expands the catalog and developers can sign up now for early access and to be notified when skins become available.


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