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Spotify Code Hints at Generative AI Playlists

Spotify is putting the finishing touches on a new ‘Supremium’ subscription tier that will include a generative AI tool for creating playlists, according to screenshots first posted by tech investor Chris Messina. The audio streaming giant appears to be adding a ChatGPT-style textbox for users at that tier with an AI collating a selection based on submissions.

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The code and screenshots from reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi show how a user would have a conversation with the AI about their desired musical attributes like genre, mood, and tempo, and the AI would set up a custom playlist to match. This could allow prompts like “Make a happy summer playlist with upbeat indie pop songs” to quickly generate relevant Spotify playlists using AI content understanding. Generative AI playlist generation would represent a logical extension of Spotify’s recommendation engine. It could open new possibilities for customizing playlists to users’ precise preferences.

Generative AI playlists aren’t the only addition to the Supremium tier uncovered by Messina. The $20 per month subscription will offer 24-bit lossless audio, more playlist-mixing tools based on pace, mood, genre, and other factors, 20-30 hours of access to Spotify’s new audiobook library, a Highlights feature detailed statistics on the user’s listening history, and something called Your Sound Capsule, which might be another way of recommending music the listener would enjoy.

Spotify’s interest in a task-oriented generative AI would mark a new phase for the company’s experiments with the technology. Spotify has been releasing generative AI features in many forms this year, most recently partnering with OpenAI to leverage ChatGPT’s new features as a way of translating podcasts while keeping the same voices. There’s also Spotify’s AI DJ, which speaks in the voice of Spotify’s head of cultural partnerships and host of its morning show, The Get Up, Xavier “X” Jernigan thanks to a voice clone produced with the synthetic voice platform developed by Sonantic, which Spotify acquired last June. Sonantic’s technology is best known for generating a deepfake of Val Kilmer’s voice for the Top Gun: Maverick film.

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