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Google Home Launching Generative AI Coding Feature to Customize Smart Home Routines

Google Home users will soon be able to create complex, custom Routines with the aid of generative AI. The “Help Me Script” for the Google Home app script editor translates natural language descriptions of a set of actions by smart home devices into code that Google’s voice assistant can understand.

Generative Smart Home

The Help Me Script is designed for users who want to set up Google Home automation and smart home triggers but lack coding expertise and experience. Essentially, a user will just need to describe what they want to have happened without any phrasing or vocabulary limits that usually make setting up complex Routines difficult. Google’s examples included announcing that someone is coming in and turning on the lights when the door opens or flashing smart lights when a smoke alarm goes off.

The large language model powering the AI coding assistant will then write out the request in computer script, and users can copy and paste the code into the Home app’s existing script editor. The Help Me Script Routines can also be modified later on if needed. The AI generator will constantly learn and improve its scripting abilities over time based on new data.

“Those with coding experience have been getting creative with their advanced automations — and soon, even more of you will be able to give it a try. We’re introducing “help me script,” a new, experimental feature in the script editor that makes it easier to create advanced automations, even with little coding experience,” Google Home senior product manager Indu Ramamurthi wrote in a blog post about the new feature. “Because “help me script” is powered by a large language model, it’s constantly learning and improving, generating more accurate and personalized scripts every day.

Google’s incorporation of generative AI follows the news that Google Assistant will meld with the company’s Bard generative AI system. Google has already broadened the kinds of commands Google Assistant understands and made it more proactive. The company also released a revamped version of the Home app designed for more customization and to streamline adding new devices based on the Matter standard lte last year.

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