Tubi Rabbit

Tubi’s New Rabbit AI Uses ChatGPT to Dig Up TV and Movie Suggestions

Streaming service Tubi has begun testing a new generative AI mobile feature for finding and recommending TV shows and movies using the same large language model as ChatGPT. The new Rabbit AI chatbot will leverage OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to give viewers of the Fox-owned service answers to ask content-related questions and help discover new TV shows and movies.

Generative AI TV

Rabbit AI is designed to help users navigate Tubi and find new content personalized to their interests. GPT-4 delivers answers and recommendations in a conversational format, as the video above shows. Rabbit AI is supposed to act more like a human with an encyclopedic knowledge of Tubi’s library of 200,000 films and TV shows, including understanding casual language and providing relevant titles based on contextual meaning, not just keywords. Tubi’s demo suggests it can work with broad and indirect queries like “Find me funny shark movies” or “What anime has good shonen friendships?” Any movies or shows the AI suggests can be saved directly to a user’s queue. Search history is also saved so users can revisit prior AI recommendations. As selections surfaced by Rabbit AI are viewed, and engagement data accumulates, Tubi will refine and expand personalized content hubs on each user’s home screen.

“One in five streamers binge watch because it’s convenient or easier than searching for another show as time spent looking is usually a mix of scrolling, maybe bickering over whether to watch a comedy or a horror movie,” Tubi senior director of product Blake Bassett said. “At Tubi we’re uniquely situated to find content for viewers that’s specific to the moment they’re in because of our large library and our personalization and machine learning algorithms. With Rabbit AI we’re making the content discovery experience fun again.”

Rabbit AI is supposed to enhance the existing personalization options that Tubi uses to make suggestions based on what users have indicated they enjoyed watching. The feature is only on Tubi’s iOS app in the U.S. for now but will expand after further testing. The company said pairing its deep library with OpenAI’s latest technology unearths unexpected viewing suggestions personalized to the moment. The rollout comes as streaming services increasingly look to AI to improve viewing experiences amid saturated competition. As linear TV declines, better discovery and retention tools emerge as differentiators.

Generative AI is slowly expanding its place among TV viewers. For instance, PBS Kids’ upcoming “Lyla in the Loop” show will use generative AI to create interactive episodes where the main character, Lyla, will converse with the viewer. Lyla will directly ask viewers questions and react to how the viewer replies. That’s not counting where content makers have begun playing with it. Marvel TV sparked a furious debate over AI-generated artwork for its “Secret Invasion” show, while South Park” explored how ChatGPT can be used in real life and for making TV shows.

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