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Oracle Launches Generative AI Clinical Voice Assistant

Oracle has launched a new generative AI-powered voice assistant for healthcare providers to automate administrative tasks and carry out voice commands. The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant aims to improve experiences for medical professionals and patients and links with Oracle’s electronic health records (EHR) platforms.

Oracle Generative AI Health

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant deploys its generative AI to allow physicians to focus more on patient care and less on filling out paperwork and other bureaucratic necessities. The generative AI can perform any note-taking and follow-up actions for a doctor during and after patient visits, like prescribing medication and scheduling needed follow-ups. The AI responds to voice queries through its integration with EHRs, meaning a doctor can ask it to “show me the patient’s latest MRI” and the AI will display the relevant health records.

Patients can also employ the voice assistant to handle their medical logistics. For instance, a patient can use voice commands for scheduling appointments, paying bills, and getting AI-generated answers to questions about their health and how medical procedures are carried out. Additionally, patient portals can now embed web chatbots to send appointment reminders, notify patients when results are ready, and facilitate other routine communications. Self-service options have been shown to improve satisfaction and retention while reducing missed appointments that impact provider revenue. The voice AI is rolling out to both doctors and patients in the next year, with the chatbot already available

“The EHR should be a provider’s best ally in delivering engaging, personalized care,” said Oracle senior vice president of product management Suhas Uliyar in a statement. “By bringing comprehensive generative AI and voice-first capabilities to our EHR platforms, we are not only helping providers reduce mundane work that leads to burnout, but we are also empowering them to create better interactions with patients that establish trust, build loyalty, and deliver better outcomes.”

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is built on top of the Oracle Digital Assistant used by thousands of healthcare providers. Oracle has made clinical voice AI a priority for several years, culminating in the purchase of health technology developer Cerner for about $28.3 billion at the end of 2021. The acquisition included a varied portfolio of technology, but Cerner’s clinical voice assistants appeared to be the focus of a lot of Oracle’s interest, especially after Microsoft’s $19.7 billion acquisition of Nuance and its clinical voice AI tools.


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