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Google Tests OpenAI Competitor Gemini AI: Report

Google has given a small group of companies early access to its upcoming Gemini AI generative AI conversational setup, according to a report from The Information. The tech giant is letting developers experiment with a version of Gemini’s large language model (LLM) ahead of its official release, though a supposedly even more advanced iteration, comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM, remains under wraps.

Google Gemini

Gemini is built from some of Google’s most powerful LLMs, capable of tasks like summarizing text, drafting content based on prompts, and generating code. Developers could potentially integrate Gemini into chatbots, email drafting tools, song lyric generators, and more, according to the report. That’s not so different from Google’s current stable of generative AI tools like Bard and Duet. Where Gemini seeks to stand out is apparently in its sheer power and size.

Google Gemini is reputedly coming later this year as part of the tech giant’s continuing race to expand its generative AI footprint after being perceived as behind compared to OpenAI and Microsoft at the end of last year. OpenAI reportedly declined to give Google early access to GPT-4, motivating the in-house development of Gemini. Getting Gemini into developers’ hands now allows Google to garner feedback and improve the system prior to its official debut. The report did not specify which companies gained early Gemini clearance. Google likely vetted them based on secure data practices and honest evaluation.

If Gemini lives up to expectations, it would represent a breakthrough for Google’s generative AI aspirations after lagging behind rivals. But, responsible testing and deployment will be critical as advanced models proliferate. Google did not officially confirm details about Gemini’s development or launch timeline. However, the company previously outlined plans to integrate generative AI across its products.

Gemini is set to launch within the Google Cloud Vertex AI platform, which recently saw a massive uptick in generative AI features and tools, including the app pipelines for search and conversational AI fueled by LLMs. Vertex AI Search and Vertex AI Conversation offer a streamlined system for making search and conversation apps based on Google’s PaLM 2 and other LLMs. Meanwhile, the new Duet generative AI assistant for Google Workspace apps provides natural language assistance to automate tasks, generate content, answer questions, and recommend actions based on Workspace usage and context. And, it’s pretty easy to see Google preparing a link between two products referencing a set of two people, Duet and the constellation of twins, Gemini.

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