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Synthedia 3 – The Generative AI Innovation Showcase is Tomorrow

Generative AI is expected to grow from a $38 billion business today to over $1.3 trillion in 10 years. What is going to drive all of that growth? Applications. That is what we have for you tomorrow for Synthedia 3 – The Generative AI Innovation Showcase.

The conference is free. You must register to attend live or to get easy access to the recordings after the event.

Synthedia 3 Event Details

  • Event: Synthedia 3 – The Generative AI Innovation Showcase
  • Day: June 27, 2023
  • Time: 12 noon – 4:00 pm EST
  • Venue: Zoom event online
  • Cost: Zero, zilch, nothing

The Innovation Cycle is Accelerating

The ChatGPT moment has become a year of innovation and is set to precipitate a decade of transformation. Generative AI and synthetic media are generational technology platforms. They are quickly changing both long-held assumptions and how we interact with digital technologies. The driving force behind adoption will be applications. That is what Synthedia 3 has in store for you.

Join us tomorrow for demos, data, and insights that provide a snapshot of today and a sneak peek into tomorrow. We have assembled a great list of speakers for the free online conference, including:

  • Aravind Srinivas – Perplexity AI CEO (leader in generative AI-powered search)
  • Yasmina Benkhoui – NVIDIA, Digital Avatars Lead (ACE for Games)
  • Greg Cross – Soul Machines CEO (leader in animated digital humans)
  • Amit Gupta – Pindrop VP Product (leader in deepfake detection)
  • Omar Tawakol – Rembrand CEO (automating product placement in videos)
  • Tobias Dengel – WillowTree President (generative AI for the enterprise)
  • Rupal Patel – Veritone VP Voice (voice clones at scale for media and advertising)
  • Corey Hill – Veritone Product Manager (creating and using synthetic voices)
  • Bill Rogers – Orbita Chairman/President (generative AI in healthcare)
  • Dylan Richardson – Voices AI Product Lead (top global voiceover marketplace)
  • Mahmoud Felfel and Hammad Syed – Co-founders (synthetic voices for consumers)
  • Jane Scowcroft – NVIDIA Data Strategy (NeMo large language model)
  • Silke Hahn – Heise Tech and Science Journalist (Enterprise adoption, new tech, and more)
  • Jeremiah Owyang – Innovation Analyst  (How generative AI will connect consumers with companies)

You can learn more about the speakers and the event through the button below. Register to join us live or get easy video access afterward.