ChatGPT is Writing Dating Quizzes for OKCupid

OKCupid has started asking ChatGPT to write dating quizzes to help users find their best romantic match. The popular dating app tasked the generative AI chatbot with coming up with ideas for what to ask on the app and what people should ask prospective partners and users are responding positively to the suggestions provided by OpenAI’s creation as first  shared in a Mashable report.


OKCupid’s global head of communications Michael Kaye told Mashable that a question on the site asking users their opinion of ChatGPT prompted the experiment. Those who had a positive opinion of the AI had nearly 40% more OKCupid Matches than those who were suspicious of its Big Brother qualities, so he decided to see if ChatGPT could come up with good questions for OKCupid’s algorithm. Kaye started the experiment by asking ChatGPT what questions a dating app should ask and what people should ask when dating. ChatGPT responded with a half dozen ideas. ChatGPT’s question list included the following:

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

Are you a morning or night person?

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

What do you value most in a partner?

How do you know when to take a relationship to the next level?

How do you balance your own needs with the needs of your partner in a relationship?

ChatGPT’s suggested questions were incorporated into OKCupid’s list, and garnered more than 135,000 responses in a few days. Of those who responded, most are late-night introverts relaxing at home during the weekend. Almost half cite trust as the most important value in a partner and trust their instincts when deciding to deepen a relationship. They balance that relationship with communication, scheduled me-time, and a social life that doesn’t always include their partners. Questions are one thing, but 31% of Gen Z users said they don’t like the idea of someone using AI to help with their dating profile. There was more decision over using ChatGPT or other AI to write messages, with 34% saying they’d end a relationship if they found out that was the case and only 18% saying they would continue it.And while 52% of OKCupid users said that using AI on profile photos is a turn-off, 6% actually like the idea, though the reasoning behind that opinion, like much of love, remains a mystery.

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