Black Friday

Amazon and Google’s Pre-Black Friday Sales

Google and Amazon have been previewing their Black Friday deals for voice assistant-enabled devices before Black Friday, continuing to make the concept of the holiday somewhat meaningless. The tech giants are clearly watching each other’s sales closely, with equivalent devices costing largely the same. Despite Google ending its Conversational Actions in favor of Android and all of the rumors of Amazon slashing Alexa’s developer numbers, there are plenty of new devices to buy, and previous iterations are even cheaper. Check out some of the deals below.

Smart Home Centers

At Amazon, prices for the Echo family of devices are way below the usual price. The latest version of the spherical Amazon Echo is half off, dropping to $50 from $100, while the smaller Echo Dot has dropped from $60 to $40, and the animal-skinned Echo Dot Kids Edition has fallen from $60 to $30. The earlier, hockey puck-shaped version of the Echo Dot, meanwhile, is now just $15.

Smart displays have similarly dropped in price. The Echo Show 8 costs $70 instead of $130, and the Echo Show 5 is $35 instead of $85 or comes bundled with an Echo Auto for $35 instead of $135. The newest Echo Show 10 is still pricy at $170, but that’s still a 32% reduction from the standard $250. For those interested in the largest option, the Echo Show 15, the smart display is $170, down from $250.

At Google, the standard Nest Audio smart speaker is half off at $50 or comes in a two-pack for $89, and the Nest Mini is $20 instead of $49. For smart displays, the Nest Hub is $50 instead of $100, and the Nest Hub Max is on sale for $164 instead of $229.

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