DALL-E Waitlist

OpenAI Ends DALL-E Text-to-Image Waiting List

OpenAI has ended the waiting list for its DALL-E image-generating AI tool. Though the text-to-image engine remains in beta, anyone can sign up for access to a limited number of credits for creating and editing images, with the option to pay for creating more images. OpenAI claims more than two million images are created by DALL-E every day from a pool of 1.5 million users, number likely to explode without a waitlist as the synthetic media market continues its rapid growth.

DALL-E Opening

DALL-E’s basic function is to process words in a prompt as a complete image. The company has been slowly expanding DALL-E’s capabilities with features like Outpainting, which allows the AI to create a visualization of what might exist beyond the frame of an existing piece of art, as well as starting to allow users to upload and edit people’s faces. The face limit had been out of concern of misuse, mitigated by new safety software. The same kind of upgrades led to the end of the waitlist.

“Responsibly scaling a system as powerful and complex as DALL·E—while learning about all the creative ways it can be used and misused—has required an iterative deployment approach. Since we first previewed the DALL·E research to users in April, users have helped us discover new uses for DALL·E as a powerful creative tool. Artists, in particular, have provided important input on DALL· E’s features,” OpenAI explained in announcing the change. “Learning from real-world use has allowed us to improve our safety systems, making wider availability possible today. In the past months, we’ve made our filters more robust at rejecting attempts to generate sexual, violent and other content that violates our content policy and built new detection and response techniques to stop misuse.”

OpenAI is now testing a plan to deploy DALL-E as an API that could be used on other platforms for advertising and other use cases. Companies like Stitch Fix and Nestlé are already experimenting with using DALL-E that way, but not in any extensive form. The copyright for images generated by DALL-E are owned by the creator, which will definitely make it easier for brands to adopt the technology. Anyone interested in using DALL-E can sign up now and get 50 free image generations, with another 15 free every month or a pack of 115 for $15.

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