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“Hey, Disney!” Custom Voice Assistant Will Link Disney MagicBand+ Wearable and Alexa Skill

Amazon teased new details about the “Hey, Disney!” Alexa custom voice assistant at its annual hardware event this week, promising more access to the branded voice experience. Disney’s voice assistant will be available from any Echo device, with a specialized version embedded in Echo smart displays and speakers at Disney resorts, as well as through the MagicBand+ wearable device for those exploring Disney’s theme parks.

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Disney and Amazon unveiled plans for “Hey, Disney!” last year. The entertainment giant has continually widened the scope of the voice AI since, including its place at Disney resorts. The branded voice assistant augments the Disney-built features and services with Alexa’s AI as support. It’s designed with resort guests in mind, offering messages from characters when they return to their room, answering logistical questions about the parks, and providing concierge services for things like extra towels. The Disney Magical Companion acts as a host and MC for the voice AI, introducing the user to a collection of more than 25 Disney characters, including Disney-owned brands like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and the Muppets. The alarms, weather reports, and other Alexa features replace the standard voice with a relevant character; Olaf the snowman gives weather reports, for instance. Overall, Disney promises more than 1,0000 conversations, stories, games, jokes, and other interactions.

“Hey, Disney! will soon be available to customers in the U.S. at home with a Kids+ subscription or in the Alexa Skills Store, giving them access to immersive experiences and entertainment featuring iconic characters, including recent additions like Mirabelle from the hit film Encanto,” Amazon Alexa vice president Heather Zorn explained during the presentation. “Earlier this year, Disney launched an all-new interactive wearable called MagicBand+ and the reaction has been tremendous. At Walt Disneyworld, MagicBand+ can do everything a MagicBand can do and more, from entering theme parks to unlocking your Disney Resort hotel room. It also unlocks special interactive experiences for Disney guests, like going on a bounty-hunting Mission at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Now we’re excited to unveil how Hey Disney! will unlock additional features. Soon, MagicBand+ will be compatible with Hey Disney and work with Echo devices in resorts and at home, so playing Disney trivia will be even more fun as your MagicBand+ transforms into a gameshow style buzzer and reacts with lights and haptics when you answer questions this is just the start, much more is to come.”

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