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Amazon Solicits New Alexa Feature Ideas from Voice App Developers

Amazon is asking Alexa developers for ideas on how to improve the voice assistant’s developer toolkit. The new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) UserVoice offers a forum for developers to suggest and vote on ideas for new developer tools and other features for Alexa and even track Amazon’s implementation of the most popular ideas.

Developer Voice

UserVoice gives Amazon a way to collate and organize future developer ideas, with the community of developers refining and improving the concepts even before Amazon rolls them out. The ideas should be for features that can help developers come up with new experiences, enhance their business, or streamline app development to further attract more developers. Amazon cited recent additions like the Alexa Skills Kit, Alexa Routines Kit, and the Skill Developers Accelerator Program unveiled at Alexa Live this year as examples of the kind of features they are hoping to implement. Developers can post their ideas, vote for others that they like, and comment on any other suggestions from developers. The votes and comments will guide Amazon in deciding which ideas to pursue and their relative priority. Amazon will mark the UserVoice ideas it chooses to follow through with so developers can know when it is available. The program continues Amazon’s efforts to fortify and expand the community of Alexa app developers, which stands out even more after Google began to wind down Google Conversational Actions in favor of Android-based apps.

“How do we get ideas for new features and programs? From developers like you around the world. Over the years, our most impactful features and programs have directly resulted from ideas given by skill builders and device makers,” Amazon explained in a blog post.  “You often hear the words “We want to hear from you.” In some cases, these words are nothing more than a platitude. However, we really want to hear from you. We are eager to listen to you, and want to continue to act on your suggestions. Keep them coming!”

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