Nvidia Riva Upgrade

Nvidia Riva Synthetic Speech AI Adds New Languages and Voice Recognition

Nvidia unveiled new languages and other upgrades to its Riva speech AI platform for enterprise services. Riva now includes seven language models with more on the way and has added tools for distinguishing speakers in conversations and more customization options.

Riva Talk

Nvidia developed Riva as a speech AI software development kit (SDK) with speech recognition and text-to-speech functions, scalable to an enterprise level.  Riva’s most significant selling point for brands is how fast it is at producing a custom voice and from relatively little data.The new version of Riva adds and improves the features of the original iteration. Riva is now used by businesses to transcribe meetings and deploy virtual assistants for contact centers and other tasks. The latest upgrade ups the number of language models to seven with the addition of French and Hindi and enhances Riva’s accuracy in the languages it already offered. Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese are also in the pipeline for Riva. All of the available languages can now separate out different speakers and identify them in a transcript. The AI will even score its own confidence for accuracy.

The new features augment the existing automatic speech recognition and domain-specific customization for Riva, including the Riva Custom Voice neural-based text-to-speech service for creating lifelike human voices added at the end of last year. The idea for Nvidia is to service developers working for its enterprise customers with voice AI tools that are more flexible. The news also marks another way that Nvidia is keen to grow its synthetic media portfolio for everyone from contact centers to car manufacturers, to artists.

“While AI for voice services has been in high demand, development tools have lagged. More people are working and learning from home, shopping online and seeking remote customer support, which strains call centers and pushes voice applications to their limits,” Nvidia conversational AI general manager Hemant Dhulla explained. “Advances in speech AI offer the way forward. NVIDIA Riva enables companies to explore larger deep learning models and develop more nuanced voice systems. Speech AI applications built on Riva provide an accelerated path to better services, promising improved customer experiences and engagement.”

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