AI Meeting Transcription Startup Airgram Raises $10M

AI-powered transcription and analysics startup Airgram has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by GL Ventures. Airgram’s speech-to-text operates on video meeting platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, with a few extra features to distinguish it from mainstays like

Airgram AI

Airgram runs its transcription service on the meeting platforms in real time but can take a more active role in assisting productivity. Users can share the agenda for the meeting on the screen with a timer so that frequent meeting overruns can be at least mitigated. The company is based in China and Singapore. Airgram launched in Japan last year as Notta, where a wide range of organizations and businesses employ its services. Airgram now boasts half a million unique users and plans to use the new funding to extend into North America, enticing users with simplified access through a Google Chrome extension that can transcribe audio from the browser.

Voice AI for business meetings has become a standard feature, especially after COVID-19 made online meetings a standard element across so many industries. The most notable example might be, which underwent a huge update and expansion a year after raising $50 million. Meanwhile, funding rounds like Speechmatics raising $62 million and’s $70 million make it clear the businesses are not done integrating the tech into their work. The interest has spurred growth even in more on-way speech recognition from companies like Verbit and others focusing on captioning media.


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