Danish Politics

New Danish Political Party Runs AI Leader for Parliament

Denmark’s new Synthetic Party has produced a conversational AI to serve as nominal leader of the party and run for Parliament in the election scheduled for next June. The Synthetic Party was founded by the artistic tach collective Computer Lars, and the campaign is more of a stunt than a serious candidate. The AI’s personality and policy platform are built on the proposals by Denmark’s hundreds of small parties going back 50 years.

Synthetic Party

Computer Lars announced the formation of the Synthetic party in May as a way of leveraging a political campaign and AI party leader to draw attention to ignored topics and policy ideas. Specifically, the Al polled many of the people who didn’t vote in the last election in 2019, about 15% of Denmark’s total population. The conclusion the researchers came to was that none of the independent voters felt represented enough by those of the major parties.  To reach that disillusioned segment of the population, the party’ AI processed and collated the theories and political stances of Denmark’s joke and single-issue events from 1970. The actual party policy agenda is a mix of wild optimism with deep cynicism. For instance, the Synthetic Party wants to bring back universal basic income, which could be popular but wants it to pay out almost $147,000 a month, or more than twice an average Danish salary.  Other ideas include updating the UN’s sustainable development goals to encourage ‘humans and algorithms to coexist more directly than now.’ That said, the Synthetic Party needs to reach 20,182 signatures but currently has only four, so it’s unlikely to make many speeches for the government any time soon.


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