Google Interview Warmup

Google Launches Free ‘Interview Warmup’ Voice AI Tool for Job Seekers

Google has released a new tool for practicing job interviews with an AI coach called Interview Warmup. The website is part of the company’s Grow With Google program and uses speech-to-text and natural language processing to mimic a job interview for five different technical roles or a non-specific position.

Interview AI

Grow With Google initially created Interview Warmup for those seeking a Google Career Certificate before opening it to the public. That’s evident in the list of careers on the website, including UX design, e-commerce, project management, data analytics, and IT support. For those not pursuing those careers, there’s also a general set of questions that don’t focus on technical elements. After picking a career for interviewing, the AI picks five random questions relating to an applicant’s training and experience, situations they might encounter in the role, and their specific knowledge and skills. Responses can be typed, or the user can connect their computer microphone and verbally respond, with their answer transcribed by the AI.

Once the questions are complete, the AI will review the responses with the user. The AI picks out where the user mentioned job-related terms, what their most-used words were in their responses, and what talking points they used. The user can practice the interview again with the same questions or ask for new ones. None of the responses are saved by Google. Users have to manually copy over their transcribed response if they wish to come back to it later.

“Insights help you discover patterns in your answers. They don’t “grade” your answer or tell you what part of your answer is right or wrong. Insights include the job-related terms you use, your most-used words, and the talking points you cover,” the website explains. “The “Talking points” insights uses machine learning to identify the topics you covered in your answer, like your skills, experience, and lessons learned. We look for different talking points depending on the question type, but we don’t check technical questions because these are best answered by sharing your thinking, step by step.”


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