Alexa in Britain Now Answers Your Menopause Health Questions

British Alexa users can now get answers to questions about menopause through a new partnership between Amazon and the independent website and magazine Menopause Matters. The organization has embedded the voice assistant with answers to most of the common questions about menopause symptoms and treatment, widening Alexa’s repertoire of medical knowledge in the UK nearly three years after first linking to the National Health Service and its database to provide answers to medical questions posed by British users.

Alexa Menopause

The collection of answers about menopause is aimed at helping the 13 million women in the UK going through some facet of menopause and their loved ones. Menopause, the end of the reproductive life cycle, can have uncomfortable or dangerous symptoms, whether hot flashes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, or all of the above. More than 75% of women experience some symptoms. Menopause Matters turned to Alexa to help share their information to help women figure out whether they have menopause and what kinds of treatments they might pursue such as hormone replacement therapy.

“Now the subject of menopause is more ‘normal’ as a topic of conversation between individuals, and is increasingly being recognized as part of occupational health in the workplace, we see it as vitally important that the correct and accurate information is available to everyone concerned,” Menopause Matters founder Dr. Heather Currie said. “For the past 21 years, we have been helping women to access the most accurate and up-to-date information available on which to inform any treatment decision they may choose to make. Using technology, such as Alexa, is a great way for as many people as possible to access reliable information from the comfort of their own home.”

Voice AI Healthcare

Amazon has been building Alexa’s medical services at a steady clip of late, including the symptom checker introduced in March and the ability to connect users to Teladoc Health doctors by voice command. The voice assistant will also give preemptive reminders to fill pharmacy orders by voice after acquiring the online pharmacy PillPack. In Britain, the NHS-provided medical advice has been part of a larger series of health and accessibility services, including partnering with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to offer information through Alexa about its services, as well as making the RNIB’s program of sharing free audiobooks available through the voice assistant. Voicebot’s research on healthcare through voice assistants has shown there’s a lot of interest in these kinds of informational offers. The percentage of people who have used a voice assistant for healthcare-related matters has risen from 7.5% to 21% in the last two years. Consumer interest in accessing information about illnesses, not least COVID-19, and a growing number of voice healthcare options have helped raise those numbers.


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