Alexa Star Wars

Alexa Celebrates Star Wars Day With Jedi Lessons and Sales

Amazon Alexa is celebrating Star Wars Day by highlighting the many references and features connecting the voice assistant to the franchise, along with sales on themed products for its smart speakers and smart TV remotes. The sheer volume of Star Wars material native to the voice assistant, let alone third-party voice apps, gives a clear idea of what the programmers enjoy in their free time.

Alexa Jedi

A comprehensive list of Star Wars commands for the voice assistant would fill a spaceship, but here are some of the most notable and interesting examples. “Alexa, begin my Jedi lessons,” opens up nine different lessons in being a Jedi. Jedi lessons with Alexa. That doesn’t include the Jedi mind trick, which has its own command and suggestions for how to use the mind control for sending kids to bed or getting the last dessert. You can ask Alexa for jokes on a variety of specific Star Wars topics like Baby Yoda and Chewbacca, or you can Alexa to use the Force and get a random Star Wars joke or piece of trivia. You can also just recreate favorite scenes by stating a quote from the movies, like “come to the Dark Side” or “it’s a trap” and Alexa will complete the response. And while Samuel L. Jackson’s Alexa voice isn’t in his Star Wars character, you can get the voice assistant to sound like a Wookie or R2-D2. You can learn what the sounds mean, by joining C-3PO’s translation lessons.

For those looking for a more physical representation of their Star Wars fandom, Amazon is running major sales on the current and previous generation of Echo Dots when bought with a Baby Yoda-themed stand like the one above. There’s also a limited 30% off sale of the Fire TV remote covers themed around The Mandalorian TV show. Those will pair nicely with Fire TV’s new row on the home screen dedicated to Star Wars content.


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