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Lizzo Will Perform in the Metaverse’s First Music Awards Show, the Logitech Song Breaker Awards

Lizzo’s next concert will be in the metaverse as part of this year’s Logitech Song Breaker Awards, honoring influential pop music influencers. The award ceremony and concert will be hosted on Roblox on April 30 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time and co-streamed on YouTube.

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The Logitech for Creators subsidiary brand produced the first Song Breaker Awards last year to stream on TikTok, garnering half a million viewers. This year, the organization anticipates millions will end up watching the awards, which will be hosted by digital entertainer Bretman Rock. Ahead of the show, those traveling around the area of Roblox can try out a digital rollercoaster, play games, and buy virtual merchandise for their avatars.

“We’re always looking for new ways to bring unique, immersive experiences to our community,” Roblox global head of music Jon Vlassopulos said. “Logitech hosting the first-ever music award show on Roblox is exciting as we continue to push the limits of creativity on our platform and celebrate creators worldwide.”

The awards themselves are going to those who create or make popular dances, challenges, and other music-related trends. The show will include appearances from influencers, Twitch streamers, and a performance from “abcde-forget-u” artist Gayle. The Lizzo performance is definitely the centerpiece of the show, as well as an extension of her ongoing partnership with Logitech. She will perform her song “Special,” which she previewed for a Logitech campaign a few months ago.

“I’m excited to be making my metaverse debut with Logitech and to be performing ‘Special,’ which is a song that means so much to me,” Lizzo said in a statement. “As a musician and creator, I love that Logitech Song Breaker Awards show recognizes the unique talent of all creators, and how each of them are making an impact on pop culture and music.”


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