Virtual Human Brand Ambassador Sophie is Selling NFTs and Metaverse Art Experiences

Virtual human developer Uneeq is promoting digital brand ambassador Sophie to a new role producing a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sale. Purchasing an NFT from the “I Am Sophie” collection earns the customer an additional conversation in Sophie’s metaverse art studio, where the AI will create a new custom piece of art based on the discussion.

Virtual Human, NFT, Metaverse

NFTs, virtual humans, metaverse, and Web3 are more than just a list of 2022 buzzwords. Uneeq’s project connects all of those concepts along a logical path. The New Zealand-based developer behind the virtual Albert Einstein project created Sophie’s mix of conversational AI and interactive visuals for companies like BMW, Deutsche Telekom, and IBM to use as a brand ambassador. The same tech can generate NFTs and personalized artwork and Uneeq worked with Nothing Much NFT.

“Sophie is becoming quite a strong brand ambassador,” Uneeq CEO Danny Tomsett told Voicebot in an interview. “One of the use cases questions is, how do you get to know Sophie? You’re not always going to dig in deep in building a relationship. We wanted to create an NFY project for people to meet Sophie [when] not at a job.”

The 5,555 NFTs Sophie has made show the character in a short film wearing any of a dozen outfits and saying a sentence chosen by the purchaser. Sophie isn’t even the first virtual human to sell NFTs. are sets them up to produce NFTs. AI-powered Hanson Robotics’ humanoid Sophia robot worked with a human artist last year to produce a 12-second MP4 video NFT  that subsequently sold for $688,888. Sophie’s prices started at 0.17 ETH during the public sale, about $560. Uneeq will split10% of the profits between emerging artist support group MojoHeads and a project to build a virtual human companion appropriate for children’s hospitals that Uneeq will donate when it’s complete.

“NFTs are about the community supporting what people care about,” Tomsett said. “[The NFTs are] creating value through who Sophie is and who she might become as a major digital celebrity.”

Metaverse Art

Purchasing an NFT is just the first half of the I Am Sophie project. Those who get their digital hands on one of the NFTs can then use them as a ticket to Sophie’s virtual art studio, located within the metaverse. They’ll get a chance to speak with Sophie about the kind of art style and subject they enjoy with the AI assistant. Sophie will then produce a new piece of NFT art reflecting what the buyer said during the conversation. This second NFT is a free extra for those who purchase the first round. Setting the look of an art studio and teaching Sophie how to discuss art as a prelude to painting showcases some of the metaverse’s attractions, according to Tomsett.

“This technology has, I believe, such an interesting role in the metaverse,” Tomsett said. “[Sophie can help with] defining the metaverse. There are a lot of misconceptions, but there are also a lot of people who are very fascinated by having places and property in the metaverse. What we want to do is draw attention to the metaverse’s success, not in places but in personality. Whether human or virtual, the power of personalities is relevant in [the metaverse].


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