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SoundHound Will Embed Voice AI on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Platform

SoundHound has partnered with Qualcomm to integrate its voice AI tech onto some of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platforms. The new arrangement will streamline adding SoundHound’s automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech functions for app and device developers using certain Snapdragon chipsets.

Snapdragon SoundHound

Embedding SoundHound’s technology on Snapdragon provides a shortcut for developers interested in adding conversational voice experiences and interactions into their products without having to make their devices bigger or software more complex. SoundHound’s tech includes benefits like voice detection in noisy environments and user identification, too, removing more of the common barriers for incorporating voice tech. The collaboration means Android developers can create apps that respond to voice requests even if the device is already playing other audio content. And Snapdragon’s always-on function means the devices will be able to react immediately to wake words spoken by users.

Android app developers can now build voice user interfaces to overcome the challenges associated with mobile app users not having a device in their immediate vicinity. Once available, end users can make a voice request to a voice-enabled app from across the room—even when the device is already playing music or streaming other content.

“Our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies gives app developers and hardware manufacturers a faster, simpler way to add always-on, voice interfaces to their apps and devices,” SoundHound co-founder and vice president of products James Hom explained. “By combining Qualcomm Technologies’ voice solutions with SoundHound’s voice AI technology into a single solution, app developers and device manufacturers can expand product offerings with more options for enhanced voice services.”

Public Prep

SoundHound’s deal with Qualcomm could see its tech spread across many new devices. It also helps burnish the startup’s resume ahead of its plans to go public on Nasdaq as SOUN this year. The listing will happen once SoundHound merges with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co. in a deal valuing SoundHound at $2.1 billion with $244 million in gross proceeds. Though the arrangement with Qualcomm is not directly related, it likely helps boost SoundHound’s profile to potential shareholders. The same goes for SoundHound’s deal with Netflix to incorporate a voice assistant into the streaming service’s Da Vinci Reference Design Kit (RDK) product. Smart TV set-top manufacturers will be able to integrate SoundHound’s voice AI as part of Netflix’s software, including hands-free search and control of streaming content and connected smart home devices.


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