Jovo v4 Revamps Framework for Multimodal Experiences

Jovo debuted the fourth iteration of its open-source voice app development framework this week. Jovo v4 offers rebuilt and enhanced tools and services built over the last year, with a focus on multimodal conversational AI experiences.

Jovo v4

Jovo v4 moves the framework forward by centering on developer experience and smoothing the path for multimodal options combining voice, chat, and visual output. The update includes several new and improved tools to streamline the process. There’s a new Jovo Command Line Interface (CLI) with custom commands and plugins, a browser-based debugger and multimodal testing system, better app structure using reusable components, multimodal output templates, and other revised tools.

“Jovo v4 is a modern component based conversational UI framework with outstanding flexibility and state of the art tooling,” said Norbert Gocht of Die Lautmaler in a statement. “We were able to deliver a deeply integrated custom conversation platform and tailored conversation applications for our clients. Thanks to open source, the incredible dedicated team of Jovo and its amazing community – Jovo v4 is a top solution for professional development of all kinds of conversational applications.”

Jovo Evolution

Jovo has evolved immensely since it first became available four years ago. The platform grew into a single voice app codebase that could be published simultaneously to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Then Jovo v3 added platforms and hardware like Samsung Bixby, Facebook Messenger, and Raspberry Pi devices, as well as mobile and web app experiences. The company described Jovo v3 as the expansion iteration, referring to it as the Voice Layer.

“When we launched Jovo v3 in early 2020, it was a big step towards our vision of enabling companies to build great multimodal experiences that work across devices and platforms,” Jovo explained in a blog post. “We translated everything we learned from 4 years building Jovo into a completely new product. And here it is! Jovo v4 is a complete rewrite that brings us closer to our vision of building the Multimodal Experience Platform.”

Jovo v4’s year of development involved plenty of interaction with its user community and innovation from its small team. When Google Dialogflow went down last summer, Jovo developed a workaround for the issue that kept plenty of voice apps going until Google resolved the problem. The company was also quick to join in experimenting with the new $Bot Coin cryptocurrency. Jovo began offering some of the social token as a reward to the best Jovo contributors every month.


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