TuneIn Teams With Harman to Integrate Livestreaming App With Ignite Connected Car Platform

Audio streaming service TuneIn has teamed with Harman to produce a car-focused version of its app pre-integrated into the Harman Ignite connected car app store. Harman, a Samsung subsidiary, will provide this version of the TuneIn app as a source for on-demand music, podcasts, news, and other audio content to drivers.

TuneIn Auto

The collaboration is aimed at automotive manufacturers using Harman and the Ignite Store. Drivers in a car connected to the digital store can download and run a uniquely automotive version of TuneIn. The driver can use voice commands to browse and play audio content without needing to use their hands. Harman Ignite’s apps offer drivers a selection of features produced by carmakers and independent audio app developers like Audioburst. The automotive TuneIn app is largely the same as the existing version, including personalized suggestions based on previous listening choices. It also comes with a free trial of TuneIn Premium, a $10 a month subscription service with commercial-free news and music as well as live professional and college sports.

“TuneIn is excited to be partnering with Harman to bring a unique and tailored audio experience to drivers,” TuneIn CEO Richard Stern said in a statement. “This collaboration gives TuneIn and TuneIn Premium listeners access to personalized live and on-demand content while in their cars, providing a more seamless and integrated experience.”

Igniting AI

The conversational AI facet of the Ignite Store is courtesy of automotive voice AI developer Cerence’s recent deal with Harman. Cerence’s technology powers the vocal interactions drivers use to find, download, and run the apps. The partnership encompasses control over several elements of the driving experience known as Cerence Domains, ranging from navigation to environmental controls. Setting up voice controls is supposed to smooth the deployment of voice features for cars and simplify their discovery and control by drivers. Harman and TuneIn face a rapidly intensifying competition in voice-enabled media streaming in cars. The Spotify Car Thing streaming device with Spotify’s voice assistant has started shipping, and both Google and Amazon are working to make their audio content streaming central to their automotive offerings. Harman and TuneIn are angling to leverage their combined services to stand out among their rivals.

“Consumers expect safe and compelling connected media experiences while in the car,” Harman Ignite Store vice president Albert Jordan said. “By collaborating with TuneIn, a leader in audio streaming services, we’re delivering leading media services tailored for automotive.”


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