Apple Event

What to Expect at the Apple Event: New iPhones, AirPods, Not Much for Siri

Apple’s annual iPhone event is this year on Sept. 14 and is expected to show off a lot of new hardware. While Siri and other voice tech have not been explicitly previewed, the new devices will likely have at least some voice controls and potentially open up new ways to use the voice assistant.

Lucky 13

The main event is expected to be the new iPhone 13, which is expected to come in four different models. The mini, standard, Pro, and Pro Max versions all come as different size screens, but mostly similar hardware. The difference, besides size are largely in the camera arrangement and lenses. The two more high-end versions are also supposed to have improved displays comparable to the iPad Pro. All will come with the A15 chip and a faster modem, including potential WiFi 6E support and better battery life. The storage size of the new lineup is also expected to extend all the way to 1 terabyte of storage, double the previous maximum.

The Apple Watch is also getting a makeover, its first since 2018. The Apple Watch Series 7 is supposed to complement the iPhone 13 in design with the same flat edge, as opposed to the original, and current, curved edge look. Both of the watches in the new line will be slightly larger in display but thinner overall. Apple is also expected to showcase a new generation of its earbuds with the AirPods 3. The new earbuds appear to look more like the AirPods Pro than before, possibly with silicone tips, while still going for a more affordable price. There should also be new AirPods Pro designs with shorter stems. Inside, the latest iteration of the hearables should make them last longer and work from farther away from the connected phone than before.

Listen & Watch

The new devices are usually timed to come out right after the newest version of their operating systems. The release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15 should be just around the bend as well. Bits of rumor about what it in those new systems have emerged, butthe details are still unknown. Apple has been expanding and upgrading Siri in a variety of ways this year. New voices are now available, and the company has been running a quiet study on Siri, looking for customer feedback to shape future features and improvements. And Apple did announce that third-party devices will be able to start integrating Siri at WWDC this year. The change allows any HomeKit accessory manufacturer to add Siri to their products with Apple’s approval. Siri also now offers offline access via on-device processing. Otherwise, it’s been slow for the voice assistant. Whether the new devices at the event give it new momentum remains to be seen. The event will run Tuesday, Sept. 14 on Apple’s website starting at 1 p.m. EDT.


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