Speechly Shows a New Model for Voice UI on the Web – VIDEO

Speechly demonstrated a new model for voice user interface on the web. While most of the voice assistant activity focuses on either smart speakers or smartphones, the web is by far the largest digital surface area and there are many opportunities to leverage a voice UI. Voicebot is hosting an online demonstration today at 1:00 pm EDT where the top technical leaders will show the technology in action, go through the technical architecture, and show the developer onboarding process.

Most voice assistant users are accustomed to turn-based interactions. They ask for something and the assistant responds. The assistant may ask for clarification leading to multiple turns of the conversation with a back-and-forth exchange. Speechly is pioneering a different approach that makes the turn-based conversation model superfluous for some common use cases where speed and simplicity are critical factors.

Continuous UI Refresh Based on Natural Language

Instead, users just speak and the page begins to refresh based on what is said. Additional information may add new content to the page or refresh to another page better aligned with the user’s intent. It delivers a fast interaction that shows how a voice UI can improve search and form-filling functions. The video below includes a number of comparative examples showing the technology in action along with a technology architecture overview and system event flow for an interaction.

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  • Time: 1:00 pm EDT
  • Duration: 30 minutes followed by Q&A
  • Speakers: Hannes Heikinheimo (Speechly CTO), Antti Ukkonen (Speechly Head of Product and NLU)

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