Twitter Spaces Cohost

Twitter Spaces Adds Co-Hosting Feature

Twitter Spaces has added co-hosting as an option to the social audio platform. Hosts, who need at least 600 Twitter followers to open a room, can invite up to two co-hosts to share admin duties in the room.

Co-Host Chat

The co-host option is designed to make things easier for the host, according to Twitter. The co-hosts have similar control over the room, sharing the ability to invite and remove speakers from the virtual stage. Spaces expanded the roster there too, with up to 10 speakers simultaneously allowed. The co-hosts can act a bit like a producer of an online live show. They can pin tweets to the room and manage requests from participants, even kicking them out altogether if they choose. The central host can then focus on their audio hosting duties without getting distracted.

Spaces Time

Twitter has been pushing Spaces to users with some intensity of late. Spaces opened the social audio door even as the company decided to shut down its Snapchat and Instagram Story doppelganger Fleets last week. Since its first launching, Twitter Spaces has expanded to web browsers and both iOS and Android apps. Most recently, Twitter confirmed it is working on a Voice Transformer feature will disguise people’s voice when speaking in a Spaces room. Ticketed events are expected to come out soon as Twitter continues trying to grab as much of the social audio market as possible despite so many rivals. Clubhouse is the most well-known for social audio, but Spotify’s Greenroom, Facebook, and startup apps like Quilt and Swell are just some of the rapidly mushrooming social audio rivals.


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