Mark Cuban’s Audio App Fireside Asks Users to Invest in Startup

Fireside, the new audio app co-founded by Mark Cuban, has offered participants in the closed beta the option to invest in the startup this month, according to an email sent to users by CEO and co-founder Falon Fatemi. The audio app was characterized and believed to be a social audio platform like Clubhouse before Cuban and Fatemi asserted that Fireside is something else.

Fireside Investment

Fatemi laid out some of the details of the deal in her email, though without any financial information or exact terms. The investment option is open through August. Fireside only launched a couple of weeks ago as an iOS app for those approved to join the closed beta. Those who want to use the app can sign up for the waiting list by downloading the app and registering their phone number and email. Presumably, those who get off the waiting list in time will also have the investment chance.

“If you believe in our vision, this is your chance to be a part of it,” Fatemi wrote in the email. “Put your money where your mouth is 🙂 (We did it).”

Not Social Audio

This week’s Podcast Movement conference is supposed to unveil more about Fireside, according to Fatemi, who will join Cuban to discuss a new partnership with Libsyn, the podcast hosting service. Fireside’s original pitch was of live audio chats that could be recorded and then shared as podcasts. That would make the Libsyn arrangement logical. There’s also a deal with audio hardware developer Rode for discounts for Fireside users. The app’s terms and conditions, as first reported by Podnews, give Fireside the right to use the likeness and recordings for any purpose they want, specifically mentioning NFTs. Whatever the final version of Fireside may be, you can watch a trailer of where they are going below.


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