Voice Tech Summit Asia

First Voice Tech Summit Asia Will Highlight Enterprise Voice AI Across the Continent

The first Voice Tech Summit Asia will be held online June 24-25 online, bringing more than 50 business and technology experts together to discuss the industry and its evolution in Asia. The two-day conference combines virtual exhibitions as well as presentations and interviews with leaders across the voice tech spectrum.

Virtual Voice Tech Summit

Voice Tech Summit Asia is expecting more than 2,500 attendees to join the online conference. The speakers and several dozen exhibitors will fill the 48 hours with nearly every aspect of the voice tech industry. The discussion will cover the current state of affairs and where things might be going in the future when it comes to applying voice tech and AI to industries like healthcare, hospitality, retail, and other verticals. The breadth of speakers is notable, with speakers from around the world including Vernacular CEO Sourabh Gupt, Artificial Intelligence International Institute founder James Ong, Voicebot founder Bret Kinsella, and even Furhat, a social robot built in Sweden.

The summit is part of a series that began with Voice Tech Summit India last year and will include Voice Tech Summit Middle East in September, followed by the second India-focused conference next year. The success of that event paved the way for the Asia conference this month.

“After hosting the Voice Tech Summit India amidst the global pandemic as an inaugural edition of our Voice Tech Summit Series, we learned that our mission of organizing a Voice Technology event for commercial applications had great potential. We were extremely happy and overwhelmed with the response received from all stakeholders involved, from speakers, sponsors, and our delegations. ,” Voice Tech Summit founder Jamal Alturaby told Voicebot in an email interview. “VoiceTech Summit Asia turned out to [have] the most potential [of any] event for us. The APAC market has a shocking potential for growth and adoption of Voice AI. With the variety of Asian languages and the support voice technology is receiving from users, governments, and even investors [the potential] is tremendous.”

Online Only

Online-only events became the norm because of COVID-19, but the creative adaptations made by conference organizers to host events regardless kept the calendar from being entirely blank. Project Voice, Botmock’s Conversation Design Summit, and many others all found ways to use tech to make their events succeed despite the pandemic, as did Alturaby. These summits are part of the organization’s larger collection of events, including the Remote Workx Series, focusing on the changing world of remote and hybrid working. The core components that make the online events work are the same, however, according to Alturaby.

“Quality and content are key factors that decide the success of a virtual event,” Alturaby said. “At our VoiceTech Summit events, we promised to bring something new, and I think being the only B2B VoiceTech event organizers has brought us a long way so far.”

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