Join the New Voicebot Community Discord Group

A new Voicebot Community on Discord has launched and you are invited to join now because we have things going on today and Monday. The Voicebot Community Discord is a new resource for everyone in the voice AI industry to connect, chat, share their latest information, and attend special online events. The events such as today’s Conversational AI Happy Hour and Monday’s Apple WWDE watch party will involve live discussion through audio and video, featured guests, and include giveaways. But, you can only attend by joining Voicebot’s Discord. This is, of course, free.

How to Join

Joining the new Voicebot Community is simple. Just click the button below. Then sign in if you are already a Discord user or set up an account if you are new to Discord. It only takes a few seconds. Discord, by the way, is growing quickly with over 300 million. You are likely to be in a lot of Discord communities before year-end if not already. The Voicebot Community and our events are a good reason to join now.

Join Now!

Two New Events, Today and Monday

A good reason to set the new Voicebot community up on Discord is because it has become a really good platform for hosting scheduled and impromptu events. It’s kind of like Clubhouse but better because you have chat and video options as well. Plus, you can keep the events just for our community.

The two events below are available to everyone that joins the Voicebot Community Discord server. Several more will be upcoming. Join the server and get access to the events.

Friday, June 4th – Conversational AI Happy Hour

  • Time: 10:30 am ET
  • Topic: Anything goes. News, Your Latest Projects, Whatever People Suggest.
  • Format: Everyone is welcome on stage. Open discussion. Listen or comment. Audio only.
  • Co-host: Hans van Dam
  • Extras: 2 Tickets to the Conversation Design Institute conference this month ($150 value) and some $BOT Coin will be given away to some lucky attendees. Must be present to win!

Monday, June 7th – Apple WWDC Watch Party and Post-Event Chat

  • Time: 1:00 pm ET
  • Topic: Watch Event Livestream, Realtime reaction chat, Aftershow talk about Apple’s new Siri and voice AI features.
  • Format: Watch and chat along. Post event discussion and comments. All welcome on stage. Audio + Video.
  • Extras: Giveaways during the after show of a HomePod Mini, 2 Tickets to the Conversation Design Institure conference this month ($150 value) and 50 $BOT Coin. Must be present to win!

What You Can Do in the Voicebot Community Discord

  • Join or start a conversation about the latest news or an important industry topic
  • Meet new people in the industry or reconnect with old friends
  • DM your industry connections
  • Attend exclusive events
  • Learn about events across the industry
  • Post a link to your latest podcast
  • Post a link to your latest blog post
  • Share information about your new product launch
  • Start a new collaboration
  • Try out new beta products
  • Whatever else you come up with…

Why a New Voicebot Community

It seems obvious that the voice AI community has become more fragmented. We have more online events than ever but in between all of the discussion is splintered among Twitter, LinkedIn, private Slack channels, DMs, email, and elsewhere. The Voicebot team thought it would be good to have a community resource where everyone could mingle in between the events (and even host some informal events), chat, and share their latest news, questions, and thoughts.

So, that’s it. Just a space to convene asynchronously or in real-time where you can find people in the industry and the latest information. Everyone visits Voicebot.ai each week to stay informed. The new Voicebot Community will be a place to visit to stay informed, connect, and share.

After you join, make sure you go through the Welcome & Getting started steps. This ensures you are not a spam bot and gives you features and status in the community. Then make a post in the #all-the-things-chat.

I look forward to welcoming you to the new Voicebot Community.

Join Now!