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$BOT Coin Summit 0.2 Coming on Tuesday

Many of you were intrigued by the introduction of $BOT Coin in March. On Tuesday, May 11th, at 1:00 pm EDT you can learn more about the latest programs and activities in the community during the one-hour $BOT Coin Summit 0.2. Our Summit 0.1 was held in April on the one-month anniversary of the coin launch. We are now two months out and have more to share. This includes some new announcements.

The $BOT Coin 0.2 event, similar to the 0.1 event, will be held in the $BOT Coin Discord server on a voice stage. This is an audio-only channel that operates much like Clubhouse for those of you familiar with social audio apps. Some community members will offer updates on their projects and then attendees will be able to come up on stage and ask questions or make comments. This is the venue to learn more about $BOT Coin and get involved.

How to Attend

All you need to do to attend is join the $BOT Coin Discord server and go through the steps in the “#get-started” channel. You will arrive first in the “#lobby” channel. Go to #get-started and then follow the steps to link your Rally account to the server. Attending $BOT Coin Summit is free but you do need to have a Rally account and hold at least one $BOT Coin. The process is very simple and takes only about a minute to complete. When you link your Rally account and officially join the server it will automatically check that you have one or more $BOT Coin and then give you access to new channels such as #general and the $BOT Coin Summit stage.


If you have not yet signed up for Rally, you might want to check out Emiel Langeberg’s Medium post about how to get started.

About $BOT Coin

$BOT Coin is a cryptocurrency for the voice AI and chatbot communities designed to help with loyalty and recognition programs, monetization, user growth, and to create a common touchpoint across the many user experiences and platforms we support. Organizations ranging from Voice Summit (Modev) and #VoiceLunch to Jovo, VoiceBrew, Chatables, Sleep Jar, and were all founding members. You can learn more about $BOT Coin’s launch and objectives here:

You may not be aware that $BOT Coin has its own community where we discuss the latest programs and features being deployed. Click the button above to join the Discord server and learn more.

Introducing BOT Coin, a new tool for the voice and chatbot communities