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3 More Clubhouse Power Users Offer Social Audio Insights with Mitch Joel, Kate O’Neill, and Teri Fisher – Voicebot Podcast Ep 199

Three guests share their social audio insights, comment about how Clubhouse is evolving, and outline their approaches for using the social network.

  • Mitch Joel (4:02) is well-known for the book and podcast both named Six Pixels of Separation. He is also a highly sought-after speaker on tech trends.
  • Kate O’Neill (20:54) is author of Pixels in Place, a tech humanist, and an optimistic futurist. She is also a popular speaker at conferences and corporate events.
  • Dr. Teri Fisher (39:30) is a sport and exercise physician, voice industry influencer, and creator of the Voice Den.

Show Notes – Clubhouse Interviews – Mitch Joel, Kate O’Neill, Dr. Teri Fisher

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