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How to Use Clubhouse with Monique Howard, Tyler Crowley, and Adriana Freitas – Voicebot Podcast Ep 198

Three guests today share their Clubhouse experience and offer several strategies on how to get the most out of the new social audio network. Perspectives come from a voice AI tech startup founder, a tech event organizer, and venture capital investor. Timestamps for the guests:

  • 5:02 – Monique Howard, Founder & CEO of Smarticles (mysmarticles.com)
  • 18:43 – Tyler Crowley, Founder, Sthlm Tech Meetup / Week / Fest (sthlm.tech)
  • 39:58 – Adriana Freitas, Partner at Muster Ventures and Deep Green Impact Ventures (musterventures.com)

Monique Howard is the CEO of Smarticles and has been hosting Clubhouse rooms since the fall of 2020 helping people learn how to build voice apps. Smarticles builds voice applications that support the socioemotional well-being and conversation skills of neurodiverse learners and has carried that education orientation over to Clubhouse as well.

Tyler Crowley runs the largest tech meetup in Europe, Stockholm Tech Meetup. He also organizes the popular Stockholm Tech Fest conference and Stockholm Tech Week which engages the entire Nordics. Crowley has a big follower base on Clubhouse and runs many popular rooms. As an event organizer and experienced moderator, his skills have translated directly into social audio experiences.

Adriana Freitas is a partner at Muster Ventures and Deepgreen Impact ventures. She invests at the pre-seed and seed stage and is focused on impact investing. Adriana has used Clubhouse to connect with entrepreneurs and other investors in Europe.

Show Notes – Clubhouse Interviews – Monique Howard, Tyler Crowley, Adriana Freitas

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