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Amazon Fire TV for Auto Will Debut in Jeep Wagoneer

Amazon is launching a version of the Fire TV platform for cars, starting with the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer on March 11. The new Amazon Fire TV for Auto gives passengers access to the smart TV platform, with all of its streaming services, Alexa voice control, and features designed specifically for people riding in a vehicle.

Fire Drive

Amazon and Jeep’s parent company Fiat Chrysler (FCA), announced that Alexa would integrate directly into the Uconnect 5 AI system the company’s cars use over a year ago. Fire TV for Auto builds on top of that, syncing with an Amazon account like a Fire TV in a home would. That means it’s possible to pause a movie at home and resume it at the same moment in the car. Passengers can watch on screens from the rear seats and the front passenger seat. A privacy filter prevents the driver from seeing the screen and getting distracted, but when the car is parked, the main screen used by the driver for things like navigation will also work as a Fire TV. The entertainment can be controlled by a touchscreen or a remote control designed specifically for cars, with climate and navigation buttons for the car and a microphone button to activate Alexa.

“We reimagined Fire TV for the automobile with a purpose-built experience that delivers the best in entertainment, anywhere you go,” Amazon Fire TV vice president Sandeep Gupta said in a statement. “With Fire TV built in, customers can stream their favorite shows, see if they left the lights on at home with Alexa, and take advantage of unique controls through the Uconnect system.”

Uconnect Alexa

FCA, now Stellantis after merging with Groupe PSA at the beginning of this year, has already created a deep symbiosis with Amazon, particularly when it comes to Alexa and Uconnect 5. It was the first company to launch an Alexa Custom Assistant, a branded virtual assistant supported by Alexa technology. With Uconnect 5, the cars when from offering an Alexa skill to becoming a complete mobile Echo smart display, including voice recognition, multiple profiles for things like car adjustments and environmental controls, and control over any Alexa-connected smart home devices. Fire TV for Auto makes that Amazon ecosystem even more comprehensive. Fire TV for Auto is just for the two Jeep models for now but will likely be incorporated into more vehicles that use Uconnect 5 this fall and built into other cars built by Stellantis.

“The all-new 2022 model-year Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are designed and engineered to set a new standard for American premium in the large SUV segment,” Jeep CEO Christian Meunier said in a statement. “Launching Fire TV for Auto as an industry-first technology to the Wagoneer lineup illustrates one of the many ways we intend to deliver class-leading technology and connectivity to our customers.”


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