Surprising New Features Driving Voice in the Car Adoption with Cerence and BMW – Voicebot Live Ep 2 is Today

Sanjay Dhawan, CEO of Cerence, and Simon Euringer, head of the voice assistant and connective drive at BMW, join Bret Kinsella for Voicebot Live Ep 2 on Wednesday at 3pm EST. This event will discuss some new data related to voice assistant adoption in the car overall and for specific use cases. The data will only be available during the live stream. Then, Sanjay, Simon, and Bret will discuss the key features that are driving voice use in the car today and new use cases that will transform the driving experience over the next five years.

This event will be broadcast on YouTube Live so don’t miss the conversation today. It will go for about 45 minutes and the format is the un-webinar. It will be fast-paced and tackle one set of data and one key question. You will come away with some beneficial new knowledge in a format that is more like live TV than an online conference. Register below to get the link.

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More About Sanjay Dhawan and Simon Euringer

Sanjay Dhawan is CEO of Cerence, a $4 billion market cap voice AI leader with technology in over 300 million cars on the road today. Cerence was spun out of Nuance as a separate company in 2019. Since then, Dhawan has overseen rapid growth in the company’s valuation and a string of positive earnings results.

Simon Euringer oversees BMW’s iDrive which includes the company’s voice assistant. BMW drivers have the unique option of customizing their wake word so they can personalize the voice assistant experience while driving. The company also has been a leader in enabling drivers to use multiple voice assistants in the car. The BMW embedded voice assistant can also enable access to Amazon Alexa and other assistants the consumers may use in daily life. Euringer for many years oversaw BMW Group Technology Office, USA located in Silicon Valley. In his current role, Euringer is responsible for all natural interactions in the car which include voice, gesture, multimodal, and other user experiences.

  • Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (Today!)
  • Time: 12 noon PST, 3 pm EST, 9 pm CET
  • Location: YouTube Live link distributed to registrants (fill out the form above)

Join the Aftershow on Clubhouse

Dhawan and Euringer have also agreed to participate in an aftershow Q&A on Clubhouse today at 4pm EST. Voicebot Live will include only one or two questions from the audience due to time limitations. However, Bret Kinsella will host a Clubhouse room immediately after the show to allow for another 45 minutes of listener Q&A. You can find out more about that event here.

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