IBM Watson Will Moderate and Analyze Grammy Debates

IBM’s Watson AI will host and curate music debates for the Recording Academy ahead of the upcoming Grammy Awards. The Grammy Debates with Watson will leverage the AI’s analytical ability to decipher the best arguments and suggest which side has a stronger case in debates ranging from the relative importance of certain artists to the value of music education for children.

Musical Debate

Grammy Debates with Watson asks people to share their opinion on topics like whether Prince is the most groundbreaking artist of all time, if Billie Eilish the biggest style icon in music, or whether virtual concerts are better experiences than live shows. Fans can type in short arguments on one side or the other of each debate. Watson will collect both those submitted arguments, and posts on Twitter and other social media networks, applying natural language processing to break down the input. Using its Key Point Analysis feature, Watson will spot and sort all of the arguments, determining which are related even if the language differs. You can submit your opinions on the Grammy Debates page. Watson will pick out the most popular arguments and craft narratives to explain the best reasoning behind the pro and con sides of each argument.

“The launch of Grammy Debates with Watson gives Grammy viewers an entirely new way to engage with fellow music lovers and be a part of the conversation. It’s great to continue innovating our digital and fan experiences with IBM and to explore how AI and cloud technology can be applied to make our awards show more interactive for viewers,” Recording Academy chief marketing and innovation officer Lisa Farris said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring IBM’s expertise to the Grammy Awards, and the work we do to support music creators and celebrate Music’s Biggest Night.”

Key Analysis

IBM created Key Point Analysis as a technique to extract opinions and arguments from conversations, documents, and other sources. The collection of views and supporting arguments are then combined into a cohesive analysis. It’s the same tool Watson used for analyzing the Bloomberg Television show “That’s Debatable” last year. IBM has worked with the Recording Academy for a few years. In 2019, Watson ran Grammy Insights, which used the AI to analyze the pre-show red carpet in real-time. This year, IBM has will host the Grammys and surrounding show content on its cloud servers for the first time. The Grammys are March 14 at 8 p.m.

“Our work with the Recording Academy is another example of how we’re applying IBM’s cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the entertainment industry and bring clients innovative and compelling experiences for their key audiences,” IBM vice president of sports and entertainment partnerships Noah Syken said. “These are the same core technologies – hybrid cloud and AI – that we’re using to drive digital transformation for clients around the world.”


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