VoiceTalks 2021

Voice Talks Returns for Season 2 on Jan. 28

Modev’s VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant is coming back for a second season of discussions around voice technology and business. The first episode of the new season will stream live on Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. Eastern, with Google Assistant’s co-lead of global product partnerships Sofia Altuna returning as host.

Consumer Connection

For the first episode of 2021 and the new season, Voice Talks picked “How Consumers Connect to Tech with their Voice” as the central topic. Altuna will moderate a mixture of discussions and presentations on the subject, hitting on the technical, social, and other facets of consumer-level voice technology as it continues to evolve. Considering the state of technology and society at the moment, it’s notable that the question the topic addresses is not whether consumers can make that connection with their voice, but how.

“The pandemic has accelerated [voice adoption] even more than before,” Altuna told Voicebot in an interview at the end of last year. “It’s a new modality that people are starting to get and when they use it they don’t want to go back to typing.”

After Altuna’s welcomes viewers, she will introduce bring out Verizon product marketing lead for home and 5G Lance Koenders. He will explain his company’s latest work and future plans for integrating voice technology into the home. Later in the show, he and Google smart home ecosystem senior director Michelle Chambers Turner will demonstrate some of the Verizon smart home products in the context of a Google Assistant-enabled smart home.

Voicebot.ai’s founder Bret Kinsella will next share some of his insight on the industry, focusing on this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and extrapolating what people can look for this year in terms of how consumers will use voice technology. VoiceBrew founder and editor Katherine Prescott will run the next segment, shifting to a discussion of the positive impact voice assistants can have on a user’s well-being by aiding mental health and improving focus. Finally, Google developer advocate Toni Klopfenstein will offer some ideas and paths that those interested in becoming or just starting out as Google Assistant app developers can follow, especially for smart home tasks.

Universal Voice

The new season brings back many of the interactive elements of the show as well. Altuna will be keeping a real-time eye on #AskSofia on Twitter and may respond to questions or comments. Viewers may also submit videos about the voice innovations they’ve come up with for a chance to win smart speakers and other prizes if their video is shown. Voice Talks claims around 100,000 subscribers, which is not insignificant for a monthly show with only eight episodes so far. This year, the show has bigger ambitions. There are 10 episodes scheduled, with extra content and interactivity in the works.

“Voice tech is having a profound impact on a variety of industries around the globe. From fitness to health tech to smart homes to in-car infotainment, the power of voice technology will continue to proliferate our daily lives, on-the-go, at home and in the workplace,” Modev CEO Pete Erickson said. “We are pleased to bring VOICE Talks back for a second season. We aim to be the authority spotlighting new features, new technologies and becoming a destination for breaking industry news.”


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