Igor Jablokov CEO of Pryon on Custom Voice Assistants for the Enterprise – Voicebot Podcast Ep 182

Igor Jablokov is the founder and CEO of Pryon, a company that has set out to transform knowledge management in the enterprise with a self-training custom voice assistant that can easily integrate into multiple data sources and be deployed in hours. Pryon raised $20 million in 2019 led by Revolution after closing a $4.5 million seed round in late 2018.

Jablokov is best known as the CEO of Yap, the company Amazon acquired to serve as the technical foundation of Alexa back in 2011. Earlier in his career, he spent 13 years in technical and management roles at IBM. He was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship in 2013 and named a Top Leader in Voice for 2020 by Voicebot.

Show Notes – Igor Jablokov Interview – Pryon

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