Dennis Crowley Co-founder of Foursquare and Creator of Marsbot – Voicebot Podcast Ep 179

Dennis Crowley is co-founder and executive chairman of Foursquare, a leader in the rise of the mobile, local, and social apps famous for pioneering the venue check-in concept. Today, it supports popular consumer apps and a large enterprise business around consumer geolocation data. The company has 150,000 developer partners and says it powers location experiences for more than 1 billion people globally.

Foursquare recently introduced Marsbot, an audio AR solution (i.e. a proactive walking assistant) that creates a reason to keep your hearables in all day when moving around a city or town. Marsbot harvests the nearly endless data from Foursquare’s community and whispers nuggets of content to users as they go through specific locations. This is the type of solution that provides many opportunities to become even more valuable with the addition of a custom voice assistant.

Crowley started out in the early dotcom days as a research analyst and then became known for organizing large scale games that integrated technology with real-world settings. He then founded Dodgeball which was location-based social software for mobile devices and was acquired by Google in 2005. That led to some time at Google as a product manager before co-founding Foursquare in 2009. Dennis is also very active in amateur and semi-pro soccer. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and has a master’s degree from NYU.

Show Notes – Dennis Crowley Interview – Foursquare and Marsbot

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