Dr Ben Goertzel CEO of SingularityNET and a Leader in Research for Artificial General Intelligence – Voicebot Podcast Ep 177

Dr. Ben Goertzel is co-founder and CEO of SingularityNet, an open, decentralized platform for connecting and orchestrating interactions between artificial general intelligence (AGI) agents and other software. He has been a leader in the pursuit of AGI for over 20 years. Goertzel is also an innovator and researcher in NLP including a recent paper on unsupervised grammar induction.

Earlier, Goertzel led the software team that produced the intelligence behind the world’s most famous robot, Sophia, as chief scientist at Hanson Robotics. He is also chairman of OpenCog and of the Artificial General Intelligence Society. Dr. Goertzel earned a PhD in Mathematics from Temple University.

Show Notes – Dr. Ben Goertzel Interview – SingularityNET

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