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Google Product Launch Hot Takes with Jefferson Graham of USA Today and Eric Schwartz of Voicebot – Voicebot Podcast Ep 171

Today’s podcast focuses on Google’s 2020 Fall product launch. We knew in advance that we would finally see a replacement for the Google Home which was launched four long years ago. The Nest Audio is that replacement as the flagship smart speaker for Google. Other than that, we were expecting a new Pixel smartphone, which we did see, and a new Chromecast, which also made an appearance. Voicebot’s Eric Schwartz also has a couple of roundup stories from the event if you’d like additional context.

To maintain consistency, I also asked Jefferson Graham of USA Today and Eric Schwartz of Voicebot.ai to join me. They were both on the recent episode focused on the Amazon product launch so we are getting their hot takes today in contrast to what we saw from Amazon. Jefferson Graham is the leading consumer tech reporter in the U.S. and Eric Schwartz is the lead reporter at Voicebot.

  • Jefferson Graham, USA Today – 1:25
  • Eric Schwartz, Voicebot.ai – 17:09

Show Notes – 2020 Google Product Launch Hot Takes

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